"The most important thing I learned is that soldiers watch what their leaders do. You can give them classes and lecture them forever, but it is your personal example they will follow."


Joseph LaPerle

Service Officer

Donald R. McCormick, Jr

State Commander

Roland D. Bigelow

Sr Vice Commander - Army

Jeffery R. Young

Jr Vice Commander

John Boardman

Quartermaster - Army

Donald Dockter

Adjutant - Navy

Sam Haskins

Judge Advocate

Richard S. Campbell


Brian R. Wilson


Ronald Tallman

Inspector - Army

Michael Choquette

Chief of Staff - Navy


E. David White

District 1 Commander

Roger Brassard

District 2 Commander - Navy

Rhett Bessey

District 3 Commander

John Boardman

District 2 Quartermaster/Adj - Navy

Steve Leach PSC

District 1 Quartermaster - Army


Thomas R. Holland

Commander Post 648

James Deering

Commander Post 765

Cathryn L. Feichert

Commander Post 771

James G. Stacey

Commander Post 1034

Denis B. Backus

Commander Post 2571

Christopher T. Conte

Commander Post 6471

Gordan Austin

Commander Post 8284

PSC Allen C. Brown

Commander Post 758 - Navy

Timothy J. McElheny

Commander Post 778

Michelle R. Caver

Commander Post 782

Robert F Lamore

Commander Post 1767 - Navy

Roger R. Brassard

Commander Post 6689

Kenley Hallock

Commander Post 7832 - Coast Guard

Everett B. Dubuque

Commander Post 10854

Ronald L. Tallman

Commander Post 790 - Army

Emily A. Otis

Commander Post 792 - Navy

Thomas Anderson

Commander Post 793

Rhett R. Bessey

Commander Post 798

Thomas L. Graves

Commander Post 2309

Joseph Betts

Commander Post 7779

Larry Sweeney

Commander Post 9653

Walter E. Mitchell

Commander Post 10038


Sheila Spaulding

State Auxiliary President

Sandra Pinsonault

State Senior Vice President

Diana Gosselin

State Junior Vice President